SaaS businesses are part of a huge growth sector online which is projected to hit $100 billion in revenue in 2020.  If you have a business in this market and you’re ready to sell your SaaS business, you’ve come to the right place. Our team has unrivaled experience in the digital business acquisition market. We have a database of over 12,000 interested, qualified, and motivated buyers looking for profitable businesses.  Online SaaS businesses are on the top of a lot of their lists for acquisition. Our team has been selling online businesses for close to 20 years – which makes us the oldest internet brokerage business firm online today.

We make selling your SaaS business as easy as possible. Once you request your 100% free and no obligation SaaS business valuation, we start the assessment with an analysis of your business. We take into consideration the following:

  • Financial information for the past 3 years
  • Recent revenue history and trending
  • Products and services offered
  • Pricing model
  • Competition
  • Distribution network

How Much is Your SaaS Business Worth?

After reviewing the information above, we then collaborate with you on a listing price. From there, we enter into a listing agreement and the process of finding a buyer for your business begins. With your support, our brokers will start marketing your business for sale. Over the past 12 months we have averaged less than 60 days to find a buyer for businesses in the SaaS industry.

All our brokers have owned, managed and sold internet based businesses of their own.  Since every business transaction is unique, we have an expert staff that truly know the digital space and are ready to put your business in front of the right audience of buyers.  Our track record is proven and our 10 step sales process will guide you through the complexities of selling your online SaaS business.  If we find your business isn’t ready for optimal listing, we can help you determine a course of action to improve areas of opportunity with the end goal being listing your SaaS business in the future.

List and sell your SaaS business with Acquisitions Direct!

Unrivaled Experience

Our team of highly qualified acquisition advisors fully understand the online industry and bring value to the process unmatched by the competition.Learn More

Selling Superpower

Our secret weapon lies on our database of our 12,000+ qualified buyers that we have built strong and trusted relationships with.Learn More

Don’t Just Listen to Us!

We have served hundreds of satisfied sellers, some more than once! Take a look at what they have to say about our firm.Learn More

Our 10 Step SaaS Sales Process

Listing Agreement
Due Diligence Preparation
Buyer Qualification
Letter of Intent
Due Diligence
Asset Purchase Agreement
Transitional Support

Why Choose Us

  • 92% close rate in 2019!
  • We are 100% performance based!
  • Oldest running online brokerage firm
  • 100% Internet focused, specializing in online businesses
  • Our brokers have all ran and sold online businesses

What Our Client’s Say

Before working with Acquisitions Direct, we had never sold a company. After completing the free evaluation, we hired Acquisitions Direct to sell our business. Bob from Acquisitions Direct quickly presented several qualified buyers and helped us choose the best fit. He helped both my company and the buyer work through some struggles to get to closing. We strongly recommend Bob from Acquisitions Direct to anyone looking to sell their online business.
Sam L, Phoenix, AZ
Working with Acquisitions Direct was a great experience. Bob kept the sale moving forward quickly and provided daily updates on progress. Buying a business is a difficult step and Bob was there to guide us through from start to finish. It truly was a pleasure working with the brokerage team at Acquisitions Direct.
Jennifer M, Colorado Springs, CO
Acquisitions Direct did an excellent job of guiding me through the sale of my business, keeping me accountable and following up on action items. The sale of my business went as smooth as any transaction I have been involved in the past. I highly recommend Acquisitions Direct Broker services!
Cassy, Y, Jacksonville, FL